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The Luxury Weekender

The Luxury Weekender

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The perfect bag for short getaways, commutes, the gym or overnight stays, offering ample space to carry essentials without the extra bulk. Its compact size and full-grain leather design make it easy to carry and store, effortlessly fitting into overheads, lockers, trunks or under seats. Its versatility and unmatched style will make it your go-to bag for all occasions. And not to mention, when it gets dirty, all you have to do is remove the liner and throw it in the wash! Now you can make a statement where ever you go, with a gorgeous, easy-to-clean bag built for your on-the-go lifestyle.


  • Bag Length: 19”
  • Bag Volume: 23.5 liters
  • Strap Length: 38"
  • Handle Drop Length: 12"
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Buy this bag!!! It is freaking amazing. High quality leather, excellent stitching, awesome inside fabric. You have no need to buy any other bag when you buy this one. Buy this bag you will not be disappointed.

-J. Crump (June 8th, 2022)


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STRESS-FREE TRAVEL - our just-right sized bag (19”, 23.5 L) allows you to effortlessly get from A to B with your essentials - clothes, toiletries, electronics & more

EASY TO CLEAN - unlike most of our competitors, our bag has a detachable liner which allows you to clean it with ease

LOOK YOUR BEST - our full-grain, handmade and buttery-soft leather bag with our accented liner uplifts your look with true class

QUICK ACCESS ON THE GO - our outside pocket and well-constructed zipper allows you access the things you need when you need them.

CARRY WITH COMFORT - our bag's proprietary U-straps allow you to wear as a backpack or over your shoulder


An amazing story from an experienced customer

Many years ago I used to design a private-label brand of bags for the Scuba industry and it made me a bit of a bag snob. There are features that I always look for in a quality bag, and it's surprising how many skip those features.

#1 - for me - do the straps wrap around the entire bag, and NOT split at the bottom seam? This bag goes beyond that. Each strap forms a "U", with the handle being at the bottom of the "U" - so it won't split. On the bottom, the straps extend past the bottom seam in both directions and overlap by almost 3". The strap is folded over and sewn on all four sides, plus in an "X" across the middle. Why is this important? The weight and stress is on the straps - not the bag. That means the bag will last a LOT longer.

Next are the edges, seams and ends. Are they bare, sealed, rolled, etc? Every seam and edge is rolled - not just sealed.

Zippers. Do they simply end at the bag ends, or are there end tabs for stress relief? This has end tabs. That extends zipper life and prevents damage to the zipper and bag.

The liner is removable and held securely in place with Velcro. I love this - the liner can be removed and washed. It also makes treating the leather easier - this IS leather and leather requires care.

It's a beautiful bag in both looks and quality and I expect it to last a lifetime.

-Richard C. Drew


30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Every bag comes with a money-back guarantee and free shipping.

CRUELTY FREE – Our leather is processed at one of the most eco-friendly tanneries on the African continent. We only use products that come from grass fed free-range animals that have been treated in the most natural way.

CELEBRATING CULTURE AND ARTISTS - All JW Brewster products come with a flier giving a brief description of the bag's artist so our customers can celebrate their bag’s heritage with us. We love supporting minority communities and are LGBTQA+ owned.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely supple leather

There is nothing quite like that new leather smell. The leather is thick and robust, yet suitably supple. The craftsmanship in this sports bag is impressive. Plenty of room inside for a weekend's worth of clothes and sundries.

Geneva Thomas
Extremely soft leather

This duffel bag is made of real leather and is incredibly soft and beautiful. It is well-made and the stitching is very nice. It is lightweight, but a larger bag that can hold several pairs of clothing for a weekend trip.

The Stig
Outstanding bag.

I have literally zero complaints about this bag. The leather is very high quality, and I absolutely love the inner lining. Its different than anything else I've ever had. This bag is able to feel casual as well is premium at the same time. I've only used it on a trip once since I got it. I took a two day weekend trip and was able to pack plenty of clothes, my sunglasses in a hard case, and a phone charger and there was still plenty of room left in the bag. It was maybe 2/3 full. The handles and shoulder strap are also fantastic. This is a keeper for sure. We will see how it holds up over time, if I remember I'll come back in a year and update my review.

The perfect size bag and I use it for everything!

The Luxury Weekender has become my go to bag. Comfortable to hold no matter the weight with the added leather strap piece. The removable liner has been great for keeping it perfectly clean. I get compliments every time I use this bag and love recommending it to my friends!

Dan Panetti
JW Brewster Handmade Full Grain Leather and Travel and Gym Duffel Bag (19 inch by 10 inch)

I love this cool handmade full-grain leather duffel bag. I love the soft caramel color leather bag. The leather is gorgeous and smooth, a real luxury item. This bag has a strong masculine vibe. I love the 19 x 10-inch sized bag, just the right size, not too big but enough to carry a change of clothes for the gym after work. The cream color sturdy cloth straps bring a nice contrast against the caramel-colored bag. The price tag is pretty hefty but the quality is definitely carrying its weight and value.